I Am Not Running

My name will be on the ballot this November, but I am not running. I don't have the time it takes to conduct a sincere campaign.

So, did I file as a joke?
No. Filing as a candidate opens a person up to a range of grief and aggravation that really has to be experienced to be understood. I may have a light-hearted tone at times, but this is not a joke.

What's the point then?
Nobody else filed to challenge the current First Ward Councilmember. I want to create a place for those disappointed with Mr Reich to register that disappointment.

Why would Northeasters be disappointed?
Mr Reich’s vote to bypass the City Charter to give corporate welfare to billionaires for a football stadium was reprehensible. His justification was, “It was the best deal we could get.” On that point alone, I would like to see Mr Reich removed from office. Often the best deal is no deal at all. And we’re finding out that the “best deal” was even worse than we thought.

I love the Vikings, and building stadiums puts people to work. What else do you have to complain about?
Well, if you don’t own property within a few blocks of Edison, you probably haven’t seen or heard from your Councilmember in the past four years. It is clear that Mr Reich serves a very narrow slice of Northeast. Which is great if you’re connected. But the other 99% of Northeasters deserve to be represented, too.

O.K., Mr Smartypants, what would you do better?
Relentlessly engage the people. Ask every faction and every interest about their needs and their desires. Carry those viewpoints to City Hall and give them all a voice.

I am passionate about civic participation and community engagement. The best way to make government serve us better is to get us more involved in it. At every level, from block clubs to neighborhood groups to communities of interest not bound by geography.

I would talk about getting and giving everyone a say in the decisions that affect their lives. I would work to shift power away from central authorities like City Hall and all its departments. And I would say a lot about personal responsibility and taking direct action to meet needs and effect changes. My motto is “No bystanders.”

So, although I am not running, I am not just standing silent. I am still serving the Northeast community and agitating on the issues that need more attention. I just can’t do it full-time. Not this year…

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